JA5BLZ at 2021-01-22T09:32:12.930Z Screenshot

RF Beacon Parameters Value
Modem ID 1
Operation time after last reset 55 sec
Modem reboot counter 250
AT90CAN128 MCUSR register 5
Tx power amplifier temperature 51.67 °C
Tx power amplifier voltage 2.2 V
Tx power attenuation 1.5 dB
Battery voltage 8.21 V
System voltage 4.98
Rx sequence number 1
Power save state on
Modem rx state period 10 sec
Last CAN communication status with OBC UNKNOWN
Last CAN communication status with EPS OK
Size of info in the packet 64 bytes
Type of data 254
EPS data Value
EPS system time 65262 sec
ADC Correctness 0
ADC 1 Temperature 43.125 °C
ADC 2 Temperature 43.625 °C
Current after StepUp 233.053 mA
StepUp Voltage 9.324 V
Current after BQ 64.941 mA
Battery Voltage 8.217 V
5V System voltage 5.156 V
3.3V System voltage 3.314 V
Current to EPS 23.275 mA
Current to OBC 57.943 mA
Current to Modem 1 0 mA
Current to Modem 2 46.082 mA
Solar Panels voltage 4.639 V
Current from Solar X 344.238 mA
Current from Solar pY 2.441 mA
Current from Solar nY 186.523 mA
Current from Solar pZ 0 mA
Current from Solar nZ 19.287 mA
Current to Gamma sensor 2.197 mA
Current to IR sensor 0.854 mA
Current to External Flash 0.326 mA
Current to Sun Sensors 1.587 mA
Current to Coils Control system 0.854 mA
Current to coil X 1.933 mA
Current to coil Y 0.203 mA
Current to coil pZ 2.783 mA
Current to coil nZ 0.708 mA
Battery 1 temperature 42.59 °C
Battery 2 temperature 42.697 °C
OBC overcurrent counter 10
Gamma overcurrent counter 0
Modem 1 overcurrent counter 0
Modem 2 overcurrent counter
External Flash overcurrent counter 0
IR sensor overcurrent counter 0
Coil X overcurrent counter 0
Coil Y overcurrent counter 0
Coil pZ overcurrent counter 0
Coil nZ overcurrent counter 0
Coils Control system overcurrent counter 0
Sun Sensor overcurrent counter 0
EPS reboot counter 26
EPS reset reason 4
System power switch state 1
Modem 1 power switch state 0
Modem 2 power switch state 1
Sun Sensors power switch state 0
Gamma Sensor power switch state 0
IR Sensor power switch state 0
External Flash power switch state 0
X Axis control system power switch state 0
Y Axis control system power switch state 0
Z Axis control system power switch state 0