The Orbitron notes & TLE

For radio amateurs

CubeBel-1 is a 2U CubeSat, developed by team of students and young scientists of Belarusian State University.

The satellite will serve as a basis for various aspects of the aerospace educational and research programs at the university. In the context of practical courses, students will learn to receive and process telemetry and satellite imagery, to test various stabilization algorithms, calculate orbital elements, to study gamma spectra at low Earth orbit, etc. Students will study also the radio systems of amateur satellites and get an idea of amateur radio. The satellite has been equipped with a digital repeater for the purpose of amateur radio community.

IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination:

The Orbitron notes

NAME: CubeBel-1 / BSUSat-1
LAUNCHED: 2018/10/29 by CZ-2C rocket
SITE: JSLC (China)
DNLINK: 436.200 FM (9k6, 4k8 GMSK, Digipeater)
UPLINK: 436.200 FM (4k8 GMSK MOBITEX, Digipeater)
BEACON: 436.990 FM (9k6, 4k8 GMSK, Telemetry)
NOTES: 2U CubeSat, developed by students and young scientists from Belarusian State University
UPDATED: 2018/10/20

TLE (2019/08/22):

1 43666U 18083E   19233.91190024  .00000505  00000-0  28430-4 0  9990
2 43666  97.5172 257.9457 0014163 331.2366 148.3761 15.17668921 45023

Our team ask observers to listen for the FM telemetry beacon on 436.990 MHz and upload telemetry to our server. (How to upload telemetry)